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  • We carry the largest range of Automotive Keys and Transponder keys in Far North Queensland.
  • We are able to cut and code car keys in store and on site with our mobile service vehicles.

What are Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys contain non powered, electronic chips embedded in the head of the key. Transponder keys were introducted into some vehicles around 1996 to increase the security of the vehicle. They have been progressively introduced into most vehicles since that time. This makes it virtually impossible for newer cars to be stolen without the keys. When the key is inserted into the ignition the cars computer reads the coding in the chip in the key and allows the car to start. Each Transponder Key has a unique code and therefore makes it impossilbe for another key without the correct code to start the vehicle.

To correctly service and repair these locking systems requires highly specialised key cutting machines, specialised components and highly skilled staff. Tom Cowles locksmiths has invested in these technologies and are proud to offer it's customers a top class automotive locksmith service.

A prime example of one of these sophisticated machines is the Silca Quattrocode and Silca Triax Machine. This fully computer controlled machine has the ability to read a worn and cut a new key to original specifications therefore removing the degradation inherent in simple duplicating. The Silca Quattrocode also has the ability to generate a brand new key from a code number if the original keys to a vehicle have been lost or destroyed.

Some of the brands that Tom Cowles Locksmiths can program.


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